Floral Folio LLC is a floral design workshop in Milwaukee, WI, that specializes in special events and weddings.


  • Create high quality floral arrangements
  • Provide high quality customer service
  • Be an eco-friendly florist 
    • Work with local and sustainable flower farmers when possible
    • Reduce, reuse, and recycle
    • Minimize use of chemicals
    • Stop the use of floral foam, which doesn't degrade in landfills and contains formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients

About Me, Anna

As a child, I was always drawing, coloring, and dabbling in any art-like thing I could get my hands on. That never stopped as I grew older. As a teenager, I found myself working at a flower shop, where I learned floral design. Since then, I have created arrangements for weddings, baby showers, proms, and charity events.

Thank you for visiting! - Anna Douangphachanh

Floral Folio?

What kind of name is Floral Folio? 

First off, I wanted a business name that was unique. It also is a play on words. "Folio" can mean "leaf". Flower arrangements normally contain flowers and greens (or leaves). Thus, flower + leaf = floral + folio. 

However, "leaf" from "folio" means a page in a book. I've learned so many things from reading. Learning and growing is important to me, and I wanted that represented in the business name.

Challenge: Try to stay Floral Folio three times in a row!